Hey, everyone!  I had a busy weekend and didn’t get a chance to post anything yesterday, but that does not mean I didn’t spend any time working on my goal of working from home.  I’ve become a huge fan of the setting on my phone that reads any text you highlight out loud.  So instead of me staring at my phone all day instead of playing with the kiddos, I find an article I want to read, highlight the text, and tell my phone to read it to me!  Phones these days really are like personal assistants.  Anyway, so I’ve been listening to all kinds of articles this weekend about work from home jobs.

One thing that has been a little discouraging is the fact that it can take quite awhile before you get hired on with anyone because there is so much competition out there.  Add the fact that I don’t have any experience in most of the jobs I’m interested in, and it makes me feel like I’m never going to get anywhere.  But I’m staying positive and I’m staying on track and I’m not going to let myself get too discouraged.  Luckily for me, my husband has a decent job and we’ve made it on his income for 2 years, so a few more months isn’t going to be the end of the world.  I do feel the pressure to start making some money though so I am very motivated to find a way to get paid while staying at home.

For those of you out there who need to make some cash quick while you are applying and waiting for someone to hire you, I have come across several ways to do so:

  • Ride share programs like Uber and Lyft are great ways to make some extra money.  As long as you can pass a background check, have a reliable vehicle, and proof of insurance, you can get paid to drive people around town, on your own schedule.
  • Let everyone know that you are a great babysitter.  You already watch your own kids for free, so adding one or two more kids into the mix for some money shouldn’t be a big deal at all.  If anything, the kids will entertain each other and you’ll be getting paid to have a little break!
  • Sign up to be on the event staff for a baseball game or concert.  This actually sounds like fun and something I might look into.  You get paid to attend the event, work a couple of hours, and have a great time.
  • Pick up some online work on sites like Fiverr or Upwork.  You have to prove that you’re reliable and are offering unique services, but many people say that they have been able to make quite a bit of cash doing something like this.

I hope some of these things help.  You’ve got to put time and effort into this if you want results.  Manage your time wisely.  Don’t spend all of it trying to make $10 here, $20 there because that’s all you’ll end up doing.  Stay focused on your long term goals of finding the perfect job that you can do from home while spending quality time with your kids also! Refer back to my post about time management for some ideas on how to get the most out of the little spare time you have.

Gotta run…the kiddos are calling!