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Good Things Come to Those Who Persist

Hey, everyone!  My mother in law took the kids out to dinner tonight and my husband had a meeting with a client, which gave me some time to relax.  My idea of relaxing is to post a blog!  I’ll probably make this post short and go watch a show on television that isn’t a cartoon or Sesame Street.  It’s crazy how much your life changes when you have kids.  I absolutely love this stage of my life, but it’s still nuts to me how different everything has become.

I want to start out by giving everyone out there reading this some encouragement.  Whether your house is a complete wreck, your kids don’t eat fruits and vegetables everyday, or you haven’t had a shower in 3 days…you’re still doing an incredible job at raising your kids!  If you’ve been working from home or just researching different job ideas, you’re making progress!  Keep that motivation and momentum going, even on those days when you feel like you’ve been run over (by your kids).

I’m really excited to say that I’ve landed a monthly deal with a client!  He’s a friend of a friend who is a roofer in Birmingham, AL.  His website needed a major facelift and couldn’t be found online for a roofing contractor in Birmingham.  I’ve been playing around with building websites the past week or so and have found some programs that make it super super easy.  I figured out how to make this one, didn’t I?    I also have found some great resources about SEO that show you how to build out the site in a way that will help you show up much higher in the search results.  I haven’t actually done any of this yet, but when I spoke with the roofer, I didn’t let him know that!  I was very confident and ensured him I could get him some good results.  Now let’s all keep our fingers crossed that I didn’t lie to him!

I had read somewhere that companies pay big bucks for websites these days but I felt nervous about asking him for several thousand dollars up front.  Instead, I asked for a small upfront payment and then told him to pay me a few hundred dollars a month for the next year.  So if you add up the monthly payments plus what he paid up front, that total is way over what I even considered asking him for!  I also told him I would take over his social media account and post things for him each week.  Maybe he felt sorry for me, maybe he really believes in me, who knows?  Needless to say, I’m super proud of myself for making this deal with him, even though I may be in way over my head.  I’m not going to let that get me down though.  I always love a challenge so I’ll make sure I over-deliver for him!

I should be working on it now, but I wanted to update you guys first, watch a little TV for the first time in what seems like at least a year, and I’ll get back to work on it after the kids get home and go to bed.  I’ve been writing a lot of content for the website…I know all kinds of interesting facts about roofs now!

Think outside of the box when trying to come up with ways to make money.  A couple of months ago, I never would have imagined I would be designing a website for a business!

Gotta run…the TV is calling me!


Quick Update

Hey, everyone!  I know, I know…I haven’t posted anything in a loooong time!  I’m so sorry!  As all of you probably know, life takes over, especially when you have kids, and there’s not much time to do anything for yourself.  I’ve been so busy I had actually forgotten I started this blog for a couple of weeks.  I do want to update you guys on some things I’ve been doing and give you all hope that you really can be a work at home mom, as long as you’re determined and motivated to make it work.  (And as long as you don’t mind never having time to do anything else, especially sleeping!)

I think the last time I posted I had just landed a project writing content for a website.  I ended up focusing in on writing content and after I finished my friend’s site, I was contacted by someone else who had seen a post on Craigslist.  I ended up writing 4 different sites for that person (all tow truck related) and then they referred me to some other people they know, and before I knew it, I have been booked up like crazy with just writing about different services.  It’s hard to believe some times!  It still takes me awhile to research the topic I’m writing about, but once I get a good idea, I just run with it.  I write like I’m talking to you guys and it all seems to flow well and every person I’ve written content for has been very pleased.

Now, don’t think I’m making big bucks doing this, because I’m not by any means.  I have started charging a bit more than I was originally, but if you do the math and see how many hours I put into each project, I’m not making that great of money, but it’s definitely helping us pay for what we want to do and put a little bit into savings so far.  I’m going to start learning how to build actual websites instead of just writing the content for them and see where that takes me.  I’ve been doing a lot of research on hosting sites and different applications to use, and I’ve got to admit I’m slightly confused at this point, but I’m positive that I can figure it all out.  I just need a little more time…which I’ll probably never find!

Like I mentioned before, there are so many different things you can do to make money while spending time at home with your kids.  Don’t get distracted by chasing down a ton of different opportunities, just focus in on one or two to see if it is a good fit for you and your schedule.  If yes, great!  If not, move on to the next.  You have to get creative with your time and how to fit it all in, but it can definitely be done!  I’ll try to post again soon but can’t promise anything these days.  Just know I’m cheering everyone on, and hopefully you’re doing the same for me!

Gotta run…